Warm Weather And Flea Season

It is now spring time and with the warmer weather also comes fleas. Fleas are the bane of all dogs and warding them off is a troublesome endeavor unless you take proper action. The truth is that long haired dogs suffer the worst not because fleas like them better, but because they are harder to spot and remove. Therefore, it is best to take action before your dog starts to suffer. The more time your dog spends outside in the grass the faster they will have a problem. Fleas can exist in the winter as well, though it is far less likely for a dog to become infested especially if the weather gets too cold. Lets look at the 2 basic types of solutions for flea treatment and better yet, prevention.dog with cone

Commercial chemical based treatments

A popular solution is to go with one of the popular commercial based solutions you see on TV. They usually work very well and can be effective for months at a time. However, because they are manufactured chemicals they might potentially develop health problems later on as these chemicals seep into their system as they are placed on the skin. Most claim to be safe, but is up to you to decide for yourself.

More natural solutions

There are a ton of more natural solutions available to various levels of success. This is where you can do a Google search and get the opinions of other people that have tried said solutions. There are also some commercial solutions that are natural as well such as diatomaceous earth which is essentially crushed up and powdered rock. I have used it and it works great.

Whatever route you go it is a top priority for being a dog owner as dogs can suffer greatly if left untreated so prevention is the best medicine.

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