Repelling Unwanted Dogs From Your Yard

It is a common problem that dogs will sometimes visit your yard unexpectedly and when they do they often urinate or poop in it. It is never fun to have to clean up after a foreign dog leaves a mess in your yard, but there are a few ways to repel them from coming back once the problem starts.

If you own a house and dogs have been using your back yard as their personal toilet, then one of the quickest ways to solve the problem is to put up a fence. This can be a bit spendy, but if you can afford it and don’t already have one it also makes the home look nicer in the process. Just make sure that the fence is high enough to thwart any dogs from getting over it. If there is easy access to the back yard from the front then this obviously won’t work and you will have to use another method.

Baking Soda

A simple solution of 1 cup baking soda per gallon of water sprinkled on the lawn should repel dogs from doing any of their business in your yard. It will also help to grow back any grass that has been dried up from dog urine.

Wet Grass

It has been observed that most dogs will avoid wet grass if they can help it. If you have a decent sprinkler system you can keep the grass wet if you have an idea when the canine culprit makes their entrance. This works if you have observed that the dog comes at a predictable time each day. Otherwise you can wait for the dog and simply chase them down with the garden hose and scare them away.

Water Containers

By filling containers with water such as bottles or other containers you can set them at various places in your yard. Dogs usually don’t go to the bathroom near water so it is just another way you can try.

Chemical Or Electronic

There are also chemical sprays and so forth that you can use. If you do go with this option it is best to use ones that are not only lawn safe, but won’t hurt any dogs either. Last you can use one of the advertised electronic motion devices that are meant to repel dogs. These devices emit a high pitched sound that only dogs can hear. It will usually deter a dog, but won’t cause them any harm.

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