Aggression Of Jack Russell Terriers

Has your Jack Russell terrier become a very aggressive dog? It has been studied that this terrier dog breed is pretty much known to become aggressive towards other dogs and also strangers. And with that, here are some facts that you should know when it comes to potential aggression of Jack Russell terriers.

Aggression is not just a terrier dog breed issue, as it is also present to other dog breeds. And some of the common reasons why dogs become aggressive are due to lack of discipline, lack of companionship, and lack of things and activities to do. When your Jack Russell becomes aggressive, it may become a problem. You must stop this before your dog can seriously hurt a person, or another dogs and animals.

When your dog encounters an opportunity to become aggressive, never allow him or tolerate him to do it. This may give him the wrong message. As I have stated that this terrier has been studied to be aggressive, then it is important that you should never put two JRs in one room for a very long period of time. In addition, you should also be very firm and consistent when you are trying to discipline him. Jack Russells may be very popular dog from the terrier breed but you should also provide guidance and full attention to.

Jack Russells are not bad dogs, but it is important to remember to be diligent with them when it comes to training them. That way you will have a properly behaved and socialized dog.

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