Tips When Training Your Jack Russell Terrier

It is very important that you should be doing all the right things when training any type of dog. In this article we will be talking about a particular terrier dog breed, which is the Jack Russell terrier. To help you out here are some helpful tips when training your Jack Russell.

The first tip that I am going to write here is the way to get the attention of your Jack Russell terrier. It has been said by many dog owners and trainers that Jack Russell terrier are a difficult terrier dog breed to train, mainly because they have a really short attention span. So what can you do in order to get their attention? One thing that you can do is to make your dog train when they are between meals. Hunger is one way of motivating your dog and no, we are not talking about starving them. If you decide to train your dog when they have already eaten their meal, then chances are they won’t be as motivated to do anything much in the way of training. Just don’t wait until they are “too hungry” when they are doing their training, as they may not be able to focus during the training session.

Another thing is to give them a walk before training them. A Jack Russell should never undergo training while their energy is too high. By taking them for a short walk, you will be taking away some of their energy and that should take the edge off their abundant energy. After that, you can start with the training regimen that you have for that day.

For high energy dogs such as the Jack Russell Terrier, that is one valuable tip that you can employ when doing your training.

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