Tips To Remember When Keeping A Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell terrier is a great terrier dog breed, that is why it is easily picked as one of the most popular terrier breeds. If you are planning to keep one or you are already having one frolicking around your house, then here are some tips to remember when keeping a Jack Russell terrier.

When you are going to purchase a toy for your Jack Russell, you should pick the most durable ones. And with that said, you should never buy the soft kind of toys like stuffed toys as it wont really survive, even though this terrier dog breed has a soft spot for cute little things like stuffed toys.

It is very important that you should let your dog know who is the boss – and that is you! You can implement this by picking up their food bowl once in while he is still eating. By making your Jack Russell sit for their food, he will know that you are the one who has the authority around the house and that will keep them in their place.

And last but not the least you should always let your dog socialize from time to time. Whether it is a weekend walk at the park, or you let your friends pay you a visit, it helps your young Jack Russell terrier to become less nervous when there are other people, dogs, and animals around him. This tip also applies to other dog breeds, too. This breed can be very aggressive when it comes to other dogs so socializing them properly is a must. This topic will be discussed in a later article.

And these are the tips to remember when keeping a Jack Russell terrier.

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