The Common Teeth Problems For Yorkshire Terriers

Probably you have seen this kind of trouble as you are raising your Yorkshire terrier. This particular terrier dog breed can have some several types of health conditions, but one of the most common is their dental health problems. Learn more about the common teeth problems for Yorkshire terrier and see if you have already found some symptoms in one of the examples given.

Gum Disease – This is one of the most common teeth problems for Yorkshire terriers. Whenever you see the gums of your Yorkie turn gray and appear to have some black patches form on it, then he may have a gum problem that needs to be attended to. You should really hasten when you see these symptoms as gum infection can cause a lot of pain for your dog. Another kind of gum disease that is pretty much common among this kind of terrier dog breed is receding gums and should be taken care of immediately.

Teeth Decay – If you are trying to pet your dog and you noticed that your dog is emitting some foul smell coming from your mouth, then one of the possible reasons why this is happening is because your dog may have some tooth decay. Yorkshire terriers are very much prone to formation of plaque and teeth decay. Talk to your veterinarian if you suspect that your dog has some teeth falling apart. Though these problems are common in most dogs, you want to pay special attention to your Yorkie as these problems can develop very quickly.

And these are some of the common teeth problems for Yorkshire terriers. Always be mindful of your dog’s teeth health to make him one happy and healthy terrier dog breed.

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