Tunnel Training Your Terrier: Long Tunnel Construction

Tunnel training can be a fun way to not only exercise your terrier, but also potentially train them for competitions as well. The concept is simple in that all it involves is creating tunnels for them to run through. When you are going to tunnel train your terrier, you have two options when you get to the part where he has to be trained walking under the tunnel. There is the short tunnel construction and there is the long tunnel construction. Usually you and your dog have to practice using the short tunnel construction first, but when you are confident that your dog already mastered the short one, you can then begin the long one. And with that, here are some information that you need to know about long tunnel construction when tunnel training your terrier.

It may intimidate you but do not worry, as the long one is just as the same as the short one but only with a lot of sections and different corners to create – that and it is pretty much simple to use.

To begin making the long tunnel, provide yourself with a 2×4 foot section plywood (or the extra plywood that you have from building your short tunnel construction). And on this plywood you have to draw 4 right angle with an L shape. It should have the width of 9 inches with extensions and it should have the length of 24 inches running on the outside edges. These L’s will serve as the the tops and bottoms of your two-right angle corners. Use drywall screws to fasten the side pieces.

And these are the things you need to know about long tunnel construction when tunnel training your terrier. More info will come soon!

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