Tunnel Training Your Terrier: What To Do First

Tunnel training is one of the things that you can train your terrier. This activity can enhance your dog’s mental and physical fitness and it also can be fun. Before you can start training with your dog, here are the things you have to do first before tunnel training your terrier.

As we may all know, all dogs, even terrier dog breeds, mature at different ages so one thing that you should consider is the time they will mature. For example, a Jack Russell terrier matures at 9 months of age or even younger while a Border terrier can be trained only when he comes to more mature his age, which is a year old or even older than that. I know it is a really long wait but fortunately you can do something about those months that you are not able to train your terrier.

While waiting for your dog to be age-ready to train you can train him some basic commands like sit, down, heel, stay, and come among others. These commands have nothing to do with tunnel training but it sure helps you maintaining control of your dog as you try to train him on the tunnels.

When your dog already knows some basic commands then you can start his mini tunnel training. You can start with a short wooden tunnel which has a length of 6 feet which is perfect to be placed inside the basement or garage. Start training your dog using this small tunnel.

And these are the things that you should have first when tunnel training your terrier.

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