Additional Housebreaking and Paper Training Tips For Your Tibetan Terrier

It is necessary for Tibetan terriers to be under some housebreaking or paper training processes so that living with this particular terrier dog breed will be a whole lot better. In the previous entry, I talked about the ways on how to housebreak or paper train Tibetan terriers. Now here are some additional housebreaking and paper training tips that you might want to consider as well.

When it comes to training, you should never use those outdated techniques of punishing your Tibetan Terrier because these punishment training techniques do not work to this terrier dog breed.

The trick with any correction for Tibetans is to make it clear immediately when they are doing something wrong with a sharp NO! and then praise immediately after they stop. Don’t ever use outdated punishment training techniques on Tibetan Terriers they DON’T WORK.

If they do pee on the carpets or places where they are not supposed to use a special purpose pet cleaner to rid the area of the smell to help ensure this won’t happen again. If you basically follow these directions you will not have any problem training your puppy in a very short period of time. The proper training at the beginning will make the future good behavior well worth the effort.

Remember don’t allow this to get out of hand. Watch for signs as they grow older that they want to go outside (they all have their own way of telling you) and let them out immediately. It will do you no good to scold after the fact…the dog doesn’t realize what he is getting in trouble for. Tibetan Terriers goal in life is to please you. So if you are consistent in your corrections and praise they will soon catch on to what is and is not acceptable behavior.

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