Some More Info On The Coat Of A Yorkshire Terrier

If you have a Yorkshire terrier, you are probably told by your vet or breeder that you must pay attention to their coat. To further give you knowledge on this particular terrier dog breed, here are some info on the coat of a Yorkshire terrier.

There are three things that are important when it comes to the taking care of the coat of a Yorkshire terrier, and these are the quality, quantity and texture of the coat. The coat on the body should never be wavy, and that it should be long enough and amazingly straight. If you want to and, more importantly, if you want to make him feel easy as he moves while appearing neat, you should trim his coat up to the length of the floor. The hair on the muzzle should be really long and the coat on the ear should be cut short on the tips, that is if you want it to have a neater appearance. As far as the head is concerned, it should have a long fall on the head, designed with a ribbon in the center of the head.

This terrier dog breed is most of the time born naturally black and tan and they regularly appear darker in color. The body should appears to have a black hue while on the legs and on the head, it usually appears in a rich tan color.

And these are the info on the coat of a Yorkshire terrier that you should know.

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