How To Teach Your Boston Terrier To Ring A Bell

If you have a Boston terrier as a pet, you might want to train him with some tricks. Here are the ways on how to teach your Boston terrier to ring a bell. This is a fun command which is also helpful in a way and can make your dog popular.

First thing to do is to hang your bell on the door or near the door where your dog uses to go outside and potty. This bell needs to be accessible to your dog so that he can use it with ease. In this particular command, I recommend that you should use the word “outside”, or any word that can signify him to “go outside”. Then, using your left hand as your target hand, hold a piece of treat on your right hand. Let your target quietly touch the bell once his nose touches your hand. And then give him the treat as you say the command. In time, your dog will be used to touching your hand and ringing the bell. And in time, as soon as he touches your hand he will then ring the bell himself. When he does this, you should give him a treat after saying the command.

After several practices move on to the next step, which is to make him go outside the door. Repeat the practice once more and once he touches the bell, give him the command word, open the door and let him go outside (remember to go outside first) and give him the treat. Do this during potty time. When he gets used to this, he will just ring the bell whenever he wants to go outside and do the potty.

And that is how to teach your Boston terrier to ring a bell.

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