Yorkshire Terrier Respiratory Allergies

I had an entry here a while ago and that entry talked about the food allergies in Yorkshire terrier, now we are going to tackle on the Yorkshire terrier respiratory allergies. As we may all know, this particular terrier dog breed is a bit of a high maintenance so we really need to prepare some things when you are planning to raise one. The usual allergies of the dog is what you should know and here are some facts about the Yorkshire terrier respiratory allergies.

The common Yorkshire terrier respiratory allergies are pretty much common to the allergies human beings have. For example, pollen can be a problem when it comes to the Yorkies. Itchiness of the skin with a tad flaky and dry appearance are among the common symptoms of respiratory allergies. Apart from the symptoms mentioned, other possible effects of respiratory allergies are inflamed lesions, constant chewing or licking of the affected area.

When your Yorkshire terrier is having respiratory allergies, you must take precautionary actions once you detect that your dog has experienced the symptoms. This holds true and effective if your dog has respiratory allergies that are seasonal, or that when it happens due to the change of season or weather conditions. To do this, you must keep your house free from dust and other irritants such as pollens. Installing filters and keeping your dog always inside will be very effective in combating Yorkshire terrier respiratory allergies.

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