Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed Skin Allergies

They say that the Yorkshire terriers is among the cutest little terrier dog breeds out there. And, I wont really argue as they are an adorable kind of terrier dog breed; in fact, they are among the cutest dog breeds, period. Keeping a Yorkie, however, can be a bit of a time-consuming thing on your part. For one, you should be really meticulous when it comes to grooming. Apart from that, you should also be really keeping an eye on his health, especially on his allergies And among the allergies that the Yorkshire terrier has, one of them affects the skin. To further give you some knowledge on the subject and how to deal with it, here are some facts on Yorkshire terrier dog breed skin allergies.

Skin Allergies – Parasites such as ticks and fleas are really a common problem to most dogs. But when it comes to Yorkshire terriers, you need to take a focus on this because they are highly allergic to parasites and that they can easily develop skin allergies whenever they are infested with fleas. TO check if your dog has this parasite problems, wipe a wet tissue on your dog’s coat to see if there are any dirt and dried blood on it. Groom your dog regularly and manage to take the away the culprit by using shampoo formulated to get rid of the fleas and other parasites. Make sure that you prevent the parasites from coming by regularly bathing your Yorkie and by killing the fleas that surround the house by using insecticide.

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