Why Select An American Staffordshire Terrier

When you have not known yet what this terrier dog breed is about, the American Staffordshire terrier is a descendant from the bulldog and terrier and was raised and bred since the early 19th century. This cousin of the American Bull terrier is very brave but it is also very gentle with people. If you have researched well enough about this terrier dog breed and you are planning to raise one, here are some of the reasons why select an American Staffordshire terrier. You may think that it is quite a puzzle why you should know what are the reasons why you should select this type of terrier, but also remember that not all dog breeds are perfect for everyone. So if you think that you have all the reasons checked down there, then I would say it is a go!

One of the reasons why you should select and American Staffordshire terrier is that if you are looking for a watchdog and guard dog that is loyal to you. As I have mentioned earlier, this dog is very brave and it can defend with all his might to protect your family (especially your kids) and your home.

Aside from looking for a watchdog, you can also select an American Staffordshire terrier if you are in need of a sweet family dog. I know, the two reasons may contrast to each other, but if you are going to give him the right kind of training, this terrier dog breed is really good with people, especially with children.

And these are the reasons why you should select an American Staffordshire terrier. Always bear to mind that this breed is not really for everyone, so in order for him to work with people and other animals, an early socialization practice is required.

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