How To Take Care An Older Cairn Terrier

Just like a big number of terrier dog breeds, the Cairn terriers are energetic and very much participative despite their body frame and size. But that young Cairn terrier of yours who has this great ball of energy hidden inside of him will someday become a senior dog. And when that time reaches, you must be very generous in giving extra care for your senior pet. And with that, here are the ways on how to take care an older Cairn terrier.

When your senior Cairn terrier is already considered senior, he is very prone to a lot of health risks. So in order for you to be always updated about his current state, take your pet to your veterinarian every 6 months. That way, he can examine him and he will be able to determine if your dog has any disease or that if he is still at a healthy state.

In order for your Cairn terrier to stay healthy, give him a daily exercise routine. But be careful to not make it too strenuous. A very simple walk everyday is enough to keep his muscles in shape and that he wont gain weight as he get older. This particular terrier dog breed is prone to joint issues among other health problems. When you give him a walk daily outside, not only it will prevent him from getting sick but it will also stimulate his senses since he will get a glimpse of the outside world with lots of new face ans places.

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