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Consider a Pitbull for an Excellent Companion

Yes, you read the title correctly. Of all the dog breeds out there, few have the bad reputation that these do. Everyone has heard reports of incidents regarding these dogs, but there is plenty of misinformation out there as well. First of all, these dogs when raised in a loving environment almost always wind up …

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Introducing the Australian Terrier

Australian terrier

Among all of the terrier breeds, the Australian terrier is not quite as well known as say a Yorkshire, Airedale or Russell terrier. However, they are very lovely little dogs and have quite a few great traits that make them wonderful companions. They generally get along well with kids and with a little training with …

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Mixed Terrier Breeds

There is a growing number of different breeds out there and for terriers it is no exception. In many cases, this is not a bad thing, but sometimes it can be. Generally, you want to make sure that if there are two breeds that have been mated together, that they are generally around the same …

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Dealing With Yorkie Behavioral Traits

Cute Yorkie

Picking the right canine companion can be a difficult choice. It you are looking for a small one, then a Yorkshire Terrier might work out well for you. They are the most popular of the toy breeds in the US. Before you get one though, there are some things that you need to consider. It …

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The Misunderstood American Pit Bull Terrier

pit bull terrier

When describing what kind of dog the Pit Bull is, it is good to understand their ancestry first. The American Pit Bull Terrier is a descendant of the English Bulldog and is a cross between this dog and other Terrier breeds. This selective breeding was done to create a non-aggressive dog with a stable temperament. …

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Getting A Terrier That Does Not Shed

boston terrier

One of the many considerations that comes up one of the biggest is the fact that most dogs shed. Some people don’t mind and just make it a regular chore to clean up unwanted hair on the furniture and carpet. If you have a smaller dog then most likely they are an indoor dog and …

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Why Boston Terriers Make Great Pets

Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are and excellent choice for a companion and I will explain why. When you are deciding what kind of dog to get, there are some considerations to make. If you are hasty when it comes to choosing your next canine companion then you could wind up regretting it very quickly. Here are some …

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The Basics on the Rat Terrier

When it comes to Rat Terriers there are 2 kinds. There is the short-legged, and the long-legged Rat Terrier. The short legged Rat Terrier is believed to be a mix between a Welsh Corgi or a Dachshund, while the long-legged a mix of the Whippet or Greyhound. In average they stand 14 to 23 inches …

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Aggression Of Jack Russell Terriers

Has your Jack Russell terrier become a very aggressive dog? It has been studied that this terrier dog breed is pretty much known to become aggressive towards other dogs and also strangers. And with that, here are some facts that you should know when it comes to potential aggression of Jack Russell terriers. Aggression is …

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Tips To Remember When Keeping A Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell terrier is a great terrier dog breed, that is why it is easily picked as one of the most popular terrier breeds. If you are planning to keep one or you are already having one frolicking around your house, then here are some tips to remember when keeping a Jack Russell terrier. …

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