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Summer is Approaching

With Summer approaching, I am getting ready for many fun outdoor activities. We all love to have some Summer fun, but when you do don’t forget to include your dog in the fun. One thing you should remember though is to take some water for you and your dog do you both stay hydrated in …

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Strange Weather

I look forward to the warm Spring weather come about early April. However, this year we got a bad snow storm right in the middle of the month. The only thing that was fun about it is that our dog loves the snow so it was fun watching him play around in it. I am …

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Spring Fun With Your Dog

It is the perfect time of year to get outdoors with your dog and have some fun. Whether it is taking a nice walk or playing a good game of fetch with your dog, you can do yourself and your dog some good. I just read a good article about Spring Fun and dogs right …

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Terriers come in many different sizes. While many are small and are great indoor dogs, there are larger varieties as well. Terriers are popular amongst dog owners because they are usually happy, energetic and fun dogs. They are also great hunters. You might have to keep them from digging holes in your yard looking for …

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