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Some More Info On The Coat Of A Yorkshire Terrier

If you have a Yorkshire terrier, you are probably told by your vet or breeder that you must pay importance on his coat. To further give you knowledge on this particular terrier dog breed, here are some info on the coat of a Yorkshire terrier. There are three things that are important when it comes …

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Breeding Jack Rusell Terrier: A Risky Business

What made this article different from breeding other kinds of terrier dog breeds or other types of dog breeds to be in fact is that this article is focused on Jack Russell terriers. As we may all know, the Jack Russell terrier is a very popular terrier dog breed that many will consider it as …

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How To Teach Your Boston Terrier To Ring A Bell

If you have a Boston terrier as a pet, you might want to train him with some tricks. Here are the ways on how to teach your Boston terrier to ring a bell. This is a fun command which is also helpful in a way and can make your dog popular. First thing to do …

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What Are The Considerations When Grooming A Jack Russell Terrier

Among some terrier dog breeds, the Jack Russell terrier is sort of a low maintenance one. But when you are planning to put your Jack Russell on a show, you must take considerations in grooming him the right way. Here are some articles that I provided when it comes to grooming Jack Russell terriers. And …

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List Of Small Terrier Dog Breeds

Terrier dog breeds come in different shapes, sizes, and characteristics. If you are fancying a small one, here is a list of small terrier dog breeds that you might want to consider. Norfolk Terrier – The demon is a nickname given to this small terrier dog breed. But even though they have a nickname like …

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Yorkshire Terrier Respiratory Allergies

I had an entry here a while ago and that entry talked about the food allergies in Yorkshire terrier, now we are going to tackle on the Yorkshire terrier respiratory allergies. As we may all know, this particular terrier dog breed is a bit of a high maintenance so we really need to prepare somethings …

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How To Correct Submissive Urination On Jack Russell Terriers

Last time we have tackled on the things that you should know about submissive urination on Jack Russell terriers. In this article we are going to focus on how to correct submissive urination on Jack Russell terriers. When your dog manifests submissive urination, the very first thing that you should remember when correcting this terrier …

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Things You Should Know About Submissive Urination On Jack Russell Terrier

Some dogs do suffer from submissive urination and that does not exempt Jack Russell terrier from the problem. If you have this kind of terrier dog breed as your pet, you need to know the things you should know about submissive urination On Jack Russell terriers by reading this short article. Submissive urination on Jack …

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Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed Skin Allergies

They say that the Yorkshire terriers is among the cutest little terrier dog breeds out there. And, I wont really argue as they are an adorable kind of terrier dog breed; in fact, they are among the cutest dog breeds, period. Keeping a Yorkie, however, can be a bit of a time-consuming thing on your …

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Things To Consider Before Selecting The Perfect Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell terrier is a terrier dog breed that is playful and smart. In fact there are some characters in the movie that are portrayed in the movie and television by a Jack Russell. Some fine examples are Milo from “The Mask”, Eddie from “Frasier”, and the cute, inquisitive dog Wishbone. Even though they …

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