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Additional Housebreaking and Paper Training Tips For Your Tibetan Terrier

It is necessary for Tibetan terriers to be under some housebreaking or paper training processes so that living with this particular terrier dog breed will be a whole lot better. In the previous entry, I talked about the ways on how to housebreak or paper train Tibetan terriers. Now here are some additional housebreaking and …

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Tips On Housebreaking And Paper Training Your Tibetan Terrier

Contrary to what most people might think, housebreaking a dog outside or using a newspaper inside is pretty much easy. But the only thing is that you need to be very consistent and ensure that the dog gets your lessons well. When it comes to Tibetan terrier, they are really smart and that they wont …

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History Of The Japanese Terrier

Before I am going to tackle on the history of the Japanese terrier, I am going to talk about their appearance first. Commonly, the Japanese terrier is a square dog with balanced features. Most of them have heads which has a black color and predominantly white body that has little spots on it. It weighs …

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How To Take Care Of Your Jack Russell Terrier

Just like any other terrier dog breed, you should take care of your Jack Russell terrier. And with that, here are the ways on how to take care of your Jack Russell terrier. These tips, however, can also be applied to other dogs if you do not have a Jack Russell terrier, so you are …

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Some More Info On The Coat Of A Yorkshire Terrier

If you have a Yorkshire terrier, you are probably told by your vet or breeder that you must pay attention to their coat. To further give you knowledge on this particular terrier dog breed, here are some info on the coat of a Yorkshire terrier. There are three things that are important when it comes …

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Breeding Jack Rusell Terrier: A Risky Business

What made this article different from breeding other kinds of terrier dog breeds or other types of dog breeds to be in fact is that this article is focused on Jack Russell terriers. As we may all know, the Jack Russell terrier is a very popular terrier dog breed that many will consider it as …

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How To Teach Your Boston Terrier To Ring A Bell

If you have a Boston terrier as a pet, you might want to train him with some tricks. Here are the ways on how to teach your Boston terrier to ring a bell. This is a fun command which is also helpful in a way and can make your dog popular. First thing to do …

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