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Getting A Terrier That Does Not Shed

boston terrier

One of the many considerations that comes up one of the biggest is the fact that most dogs shed. Some people don’t mind and just make it a regular chore to clean up unwanted hair on the furniture and carpet. If you have a smaller dog then most likely they are an indoor dog and …

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Why Boston Terriers Make Great Pets

Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are and excellent choice for a companion and I will explain why. When you are deciding what kind of dog to get, there are some considerations to make. If you are hasty when it comes to choosing your next canine companion then you could wind up regretting it very quickly. Here are some …

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Preparing For Cooler Weather

cold dog

Now that summer is coming to a close, it is time to start preparing for cooler weather. There is still some time for a trip to the beach with your dog, but it is time to start looking at getting ready for the change in season. Therefore here is a checklist to look over to …

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Repelling Unwanted Dogs From Your Yard

It is a common problem that dogs will sometimes visit your yard unexpectedly and when they do they often urinate or poop in it. It is never fun to have to clean up after a foreign dog leaves a mess in your yard, but there are a few ways to repel them from coming back …

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Teaching Your Children Responsibility With A New Dog

It is nearly impossible to go into a pet store with dogs inside and not have your child ask you for one. The age of your child partly determines their maturity level, but even a more mature child is likely not ready for the responsibility of caring for a puppy. If your child does talk …

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When Your Dog Gets Pneumonia

As most dog owners would agree, you want your dog to be healthy. Not surprisingly dogs can get many of the very same illnesses that people get. One of these is pneumonia. This is more commonly found in young puppies under 1 year of age, but sometimes older dogs can get it as well. If …

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The Basics on the Rat Terrier

When it comes to Rat Terriers there are 2 kinds. There is the short-legged, and the long-legged Rat Terrier. The short legged Rat Terrier is believed to be a mix between a Welsh Corgi or a Dachshund, while the long-legged a mix of the Whippet or Greyhound. In average they stand 14 to 23 inches …

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Getting to the Basics of Dog Training

When it comes to training your dog you always need to teach them the fundamental things first. Starting off with getting your dog to roll over is not the best approach as they will still be wanting to chew on your stuff and go potty on your floor. Therefore it is always best to start …

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Dog is Almost Shipped Airmail Through Post Office

It looks like someone was not thinking very clearly. Here we have a woman that tried to ship a small puppy via airmail in a taped up box. It is a careless move considering the potential harm that could have (and likely would have) came to the puppy. Worse, it could have arrived at the …

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Is it Dangerous to Sleep With your Pet?

Is letting your dog sleep in the same bed as you harmful to your health? While this topic isn’t discussed much, it is worth thinking about. There are studies that seem to support the idea that sleeping with your pet might not just be bad for you but also deadly. “While most experts don’t deny …

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